MJPL Water Rockets -- Links

The Water Rocket Garage – This was our original source of information about water rocket. The site features helpful information on how to construct a launcher and rockets. Be sure to check out the two stage "Millennium" and the gigantic "Big Tex".

Dean's Benchtop – Dean Wheeler doesn't pressurize his rockets with a pump. Instead he's filling them with detonating gas which he, well, detonates. He's the first man to try to shoot a pumpkin into orbit. His site also profoundly deals with the physics of water rockets and features movies taken with a hi-speed camera.

Ian's Water Rocket Page – Ian Clark is the inventor of the cable-tie launcher.

Water Rockets – Clifford Heath – This page contains an online numerical rocket simulator.

Water Rocket Index – Another site with loads of useful information.

Water Rockets Page from U. Hornstein – Contains many useful tips and some exotic ideas like helicopter-style rocket-retrieval.